DIY LASER cutter/engraver kit for Bob’s E3/E4 CNC router

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Make your own 5W blue LASER cutter/engraver for BobsCNC E3 and E4 machine with DeWalt DW660 router. Easy to install and remove. Just secure the laser onto the mounting bracket with wingnuts, enable LASER mode, and it’s ready to cut and engrave wood, stone, leather and more!

After selling 50 kits of this popular and successful design, it is now available as a set of GCODE files with very detailed step-by-step instructions to carve it yourself with your BobsCNC E3 or E4 router and to solder and assemble everything from scratch.

Watch the video below to see it in action.


This LASER cutter/engraver kit was designed for the original BobsCNC E3 and E4 machine with DeWalt DW660 router, and is not compatible with an upgraded DeWalt DWP611 router. 

This is a DIY package with GCODE files (sent by e-mail) to carve the LASER cutter/engraver kit components with your BobsCNC E3/E4 router, all firmware and software (download link), and an extensive, detailed, step-by-step manual of 81 pages (sent by e-mail) that lists all the components that you need, where you can get them, and what to do with them (carving, soldering, assembling, installing new firmware and postprocessors, etc.).

The total cost of all the materials that you need to purchase yourself can add up to approximately $300 to $350. This kit does not include any components that will be shipped to you.

This kit also requires you to know how to solder wires.

Note that you need a specific type of TrafficMaster laminated wooden floor panels that are available from Home Depot. These panels should be 7 mm thick and at least 7-2/3 inch wide, without padding underneath, like the Lakeshore Pecan (click here for more information). If you do not have a store nearby where you can buy this type of floor panels, than you should not purchase this DIY kit, but contact me first (

The 81-page manual (PDF) and GCODE files will be sent to you as a combined ZIP file by e-mail, with your order conformation after purchase.

(it may take up to 24 hours to process)


DIY LASER cutter/engraver for Bob’s E3/E4 CNC router


IMPORTANT NOTE: Installing this kit requires upgrading the GRBL firmware of your router, changing wire connections, assembling the hardware, installing LASER post processors on your computer, and learning how to operate the LASER with software. This DIY kit comes with a detailed 81-page manual that walks you through all the necessary steps with pictures and clear guidance. If you managed to assemble your BobsCNC E3/E4 router, I am confident that you can install this LASER cutter/engraver too. Feel free to contact me at if you need assistance, and I will help you setting it all up.


  • 5W 445-450nm TTL-modulated LASER can cut and engrave wood, stone, leather and more.
  • Easy to install and remove from the CNC frame.
  • Acrylic shield with OD of +3, which can easily be inserted and removed.
  • Router bit and collet remain accessible.
  • No drilling of extra holes in original router frame necessary.
  • Compatible with the DIY Dust shoe for Bob’s E3 and E4 CNC router, which is available here.
  • Download FREE LASER GRBL software here.

LASER - featured image

See it in action




Result of engraving wood at 40% of the max LASER power with a feed rate of 40 inch/min (1,000 mm/min).

Cut out 1

Circles cut out of 1/5 inch (5mm) plywood at different power intensities and feed rates.

Cut out 2

Lower power and faster feed rates give cleaner cuts (front), but require more passes. At higher power, the wood burns and leaves scorch marks (back).

LASER stone - Love

Result of engraving stone at 100% of the max LASER power with a feed rate of 4 inch/min (100 mm/min).

LASER leather cutting

Result of cutting leather at 50% of the max LASER power with a feed rate of 20 inch/min (500 mm/min).

IMPORTANT: Safety and liability

BobsCNC E3/E4 CNC router frames are made of wood and are not designed for anything other than carving/cutting/engraving wood and plastics with the included router. It is therefore extremely important you understand the safety needs and use common sense when installing/operating a LASER.

Powerful LASERs can burn through skin, cause blindness, and create toxic smoke and fire hazard situations when combined with flammable materials, including, but not limited to wood.

By purchasing this product, you accept and take full responsibility of the hazards and any injury to yourself or others (human or animal) as well as property damage from fire or other disastrous accidents as a result of using this product. Under no circumstances can and shall Top o’ Arts or Dennis Van Hoof be held accountable for mishaps caused by this product.

Never leave the LASER unattended when connected to a power source. Never look into the LASER. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Besides having a fire extinguisher at hand, it is strongly recommended that you install a Safety main switchboard as an additional safety feature to your CNC setup when installing this product. The instructions for this Safety main switchboard are freely available here.

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