Carve your own butterfly with the CNC router

Carve your own butterfly with the CNC router


This video shows you the steps to carve a butterfly from plywood with the CNC router, and fill the wings with colored epoxy resin. The GCode files can be downloaded by clicking HERE (a 6×8 inch version, and a 150×200 mm version).


  • Plywood: 5 mm thick 2×4 feet underlayment (from Home Depot), cut to 6×8 inch (150×200 mm) panels
  • Router bit: 1/8 straight bit (from HQMaster at Amazon)
  • Tape: 3M Duct tape type 2979 (from Amazon or home improvement store)
  • Epoxy resin: Table Top Epoxy Resin kit (from the Epoxy Resin Store)
  • Epoxy pigments: Mica Pigment Powder “Neon Color Set” (from Stardust Micas at Amazon)
  • Sanding paper: coarse 80 or 120 grit sheet (from Home Depot)
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