Carve your own sea shell box with the Shapeoko

Carve your own sea shell box with the Shapeoko

This video shows you the steps to carve a sea shell box from a branch slice and epoxy resin with the Shapeoko or any other sturdy CNC router. The GCode files can be downloaded HERE:


  • Slice of a branch: at least 2.5 inch (62.5 mm) thick with a diameter between 6 to 8 inch (150 to 200 mm)
  • MDF board of 0.5 inch (1.25 mm) thick and 2×4 feet (600×1200 mm) to make the mold
  • Heat glue
  • Scrap wood to fill the mold corners
  • Surfacing router bit (optional): Whiteside #6210
  • End mill router bit: Amana Tool #46577
  • Tapered ball nose router bit: Amana Tool #46286
  • Tape: 3M Duct tape type 2979
  • Epoxy resin: at least 77 oz (2.16 liter) Clear Epoxy Resin kit (from the Epoxy Resin Store)
  • Epoxy pigments: Pearl Ex Pigment Powder Pink Gold” (or any other color that you like)
  • Hinge: 3/4×11/16 inch (19×17.5 mm)
  • Clear varnish
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