Koi fish version 2.0, carved from a branch and copper-colored epoxy

Carving the Koi fish version 2.0 – Manual rotary CNC routing with the Shapeoko


This video shows the process of creating triangular-shaped stock from an old branch and copper-colored epoxy resin for 3-sided rotary 3D CNC routing of the Koi fish (version 2.0) using my modified Shapeoko XXL setup.

Software used:

  • Meshmixer to create the 3D Koi fish
  • Vectric VCarve to generate the tool paths
  • UGS Platform to send the Gcode to the CNC

Materials used:

  • Crystal Clear and Floral epoxy resin (from the Epoxy Resin Store)
  • Stardust Metallic Copper Nugget Mica powder
  • Surfacing bit to flatten and pocket the stock: WhiteSide #1027A
  • Extra long roughing bit: Amana Tool end mill #46590
  • Extra long finishing bit: Amana Tool ball nose #46490
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