Violins out of olive wood

Violins CNC-carved out of olive wood

This video shows the process of building a violin out of olive wood and spring green-colored epoxy resin using the Shapeoko XXL CNC router and other modern as well as traditional wood working techniques.

Contact me or click on the pictures below to buy a violin.

The 4 violins of the I Quattro Elementi theme:

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Aria – Air


Acqua – Water


Fuoco – Fire


Terra – Earth

Software used:

  • Meshmixer to create the 3D violin model
  • Vectric VCarve to generate the tool paths
  • UGS Platform to send the Gcode to the CNC

Materials used:

  • Olive wood (Etsy store: “OliveWoodSupply” in Turkey)
  • Ebony fingerboard, nut, and tail gut saddle blanks hardware blanks (StewMac)
  • Strings and Supreme Tamarind Violin Fittings Set with Ebony Trim (Fiddlershop)
  • 3/4 inch HDPE for the mold panels (“Small Parts” Amazon)
  • Crystal Clear and Floral epoxy resin (from the Epoxy Resin Store)
  • Pearl Ex Spring Green Mica powder
  • 1 inch surfacing bit: Whiteside #6210
  • 1/4 end mill: Amana Tool #46577-K
  • 1/8 end mill: Amana Tool #46299
  • 1/4 down-cut bit: Whiteside #RD2100
  • Straight 1/4 ball nose bit: Amana Tool #46294
  • Straight 1/8 ball nose bit: Amana Tool #46295
  • Conical 1/16 ball nose bit: Amana Tool #46281

Referenced video of the Lock & Key technique for 4-sided CNC: “Lock & Key technique for 4-sided CNC – Carving a Greek column

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